Pierce's Promise

Our mission is simple...service, not silence.

We believe Beethoven (a Pierce favorite by the way) says it best... "Music can change the world." We couldn't agree more! We consider it our core mission to be agents of that change through young lives. So grateful to partner with River Music Experience in helping to bring "InTune" to the world.Check out our What We're Up To, InTune page for more information.

We are all about making music accessible... and it doesn't get any more accessible than pianos outside for all to enjoy! Pierce's Promise is proud to be a sponsor for an awesome OneSound piano in our own hometown of LeClaire, Iowa! Check out our What We're Up To, OneSound page for more information and to see the piano!

So far we've donated:




Professional music lessons


To support local music education programs

Pierce's Promise is a 501(c)(3) organization born to fulfill the promise Pierce had to our world; and to fulfill our unspoken promise to Pierce to make sure his life...and death...forever matter. We have two clear purposes: to equip and empower young people to learn the power and love of music and to raise awareness surrounding the risk of sudden suicide in young adults.

To hear more about Pierce's Promise and Pierce's story, click here to listen to our radio interview.